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Let Nature be your guide…

We will take you away from pure “line diving” 

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Immersing in ourselves, immersing in the water, exploring and connecting with the underwater world in a free state of mind, being present in the now.

My intention is to help my students develop watermanship, learn stretching for freediving relaxation techniques, conscious breathing, and meditation in order to find the link between ourselves and the environment.

The apnea isn’t our main goal, is the mayor medium we are going to use for connecting ourselves with our inner being, the water and the marvellous creatures that inhabit it.

In order to do that we are going learn how to awaken our “mammalian diving reflex” which activates our natural watermanship and develop cutting edge techniques of physiological and mental adaptation indispensable for the proper learning of freediving.

Even though my primary objective isn’t competition, the training counts with all the foundation for achieving the most ambitious goals in all freediving competitive categories like; Constant weight, variable weight, free immersion, static apnea, dynamic apnea etc.  Our main objective is to develop nature-inner self-conscious freedivers.  It is clear that this is not a course for spearfishing, the opposite is true, my instruction in based on non-invasive, non-threatening approximation techniques on the underwater life. My supreme reward is the acceptance and gentile interaction with underwater creatures in their own habitat with 0 negative impact.

The ZEN Freediving program is a tool for gaining body – mind awareness, the physical aspect of freediving focus on breathing, how deep and how long you can hold your breath, ‎requiring concentration and discipline. The results is a greater union of body, mind and spirit.

We will be training in and out of the water, working on relaxation, breathing, techniques, meditation and lots of time in the water. At the end, we will discover that our body, our senses, our spirit and the nature surrounding us is linked and by that time we will be on the path to becoming a ZEN freediver.

As in all great arts, sports and science, to become a proficient ZEN freediver requires effort, determination and practice.

The Zen Freediving training creates both‎ strength along with cardiovascular health, which in turn creates mental clarity and focus on emotional balance. It’s about harmonizing mind, body and spirit while exploring the underwater weightless world‎ immerse in yourself… immersing in communion with nature.

Freediving through training, meditation, breathing works remarkably to achieve this harmony and helps the mind work in sync with the body leaving stress behind… and where can this be done better than in Bonaire??

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Day 1: Knowledge development:, Open Water sessions
  • Day 2: Knowledge Development, Open Water Sessions.
  • Requirements: Be 15 years of age or older, medical statement and be able to swim at least 100 meters non-stop and 300 meters with mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Price: $295
  • Mask and fins are included.

For Freediving Education and training call: WhatsApp +599 4167672 Bonaire Freediving School @bonairefreediving @bonairefreediving


For all freediving courses, please download and review the AIDA medical statement & Liability release forms, if you say YES to any questions you need to get doctors approval to take part in the course. If you have any questions send us an email to info@sabafreediving.com

AIDA International liability release form

AIDA International medical statement

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