Explore Bonaire underwater world with Bonaire Freediving School.  As a freediver you won’t need any uncomfortable gear, you are all the equipment you need. We go Freediving to connect with the water and with ourselves at the same time,  to become more mentally and physically aware of our bodies,  to safely push our limits, competing or just  freediving for ourselves… for fun, take underwater video & photos, and get rid of all the worries and stress of your daily life. When you take a course with Bonaire Freediving School, you become one with the ocean as you experience its silence and beauty

Humans have been freediving for thousands of years for numerous reasons, such as war, exploration, forage for food etc. In recent years, Freediving has become an amazing sport.  In Bonaire Freediving School NV, our mission is to educate on what it takes to freedive safely, providing education and tips on apnea, breathing techniques, fitness, stretching, meditation and nature.

Freediving is where meditation meets endurance. You must quiet the mind before entering a world that asks you not to breathe. But if you can clear that hurdle, then prepare to be amazed. Here, with Bonaire Freediving School you can swim alongside jacks, mantas and turtles, explore shipwrecks and find the limits of your inner strength.

Bonaire Freediving School will teach you on how to connect your body, mind, and spirit acquiring capabilities to make deeper and longer dives while interacting with amazing sea life on a single breath of air, developing the mammalian diving reflex to aid in conserving oxygen and restrict the flow of blood to the extremities.

Here at Bonaire Freediving School NV, we are advocates of the sport of Freediving and always ensure that freedivers are safe while being competitive. If you want to learn more about Freediving just check our courses.


For more than 35 years I have been dedicated to teaching, instructing and educating all those whom, as much as I do, have felt the passion that the sea and all of its creatures motivate. With this in mind my teachings all balance the technical aspects of freediving with connecting with the underwater world in a free state of mind, being present in the now. We in Bonaire Freediving School know that what we do brings happiness to many who trust us, but we are also well aware that if we do not do things right we risk them too. Fortunately in my 30+ years of expertise we have never had any such experiences, nor will we ever if it depends on us. We only certify our students when they succeed in their practical and theoretical exams and when we trust that they have become apt, sure and conscious freedivers. We take safety very seriously and therefore we only hire Instructors and/or certify assistants whom we feel we could entrust with the lives of our own children under the sea

Luis E. Fonseca

For Freediving education: Bonaire Freediving School +5994167672 Instagram @Bonairefreediving facebook @BonaireFreedivingSchool


PADI Freediving Courses

If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves.


AIDA Courses

You’ll relish the challenges of using only your physical abilities and mental discipline to reach the depths normally achieved only with the aid of scuba equipment. And since you are not dependent on any sophisticated technology, you can access dive locations not available for scuba divers, you’ll improve your long- distance swimming skills, surface diving techniques and learn the mental discipline that will allow you to extend your breath-hold time underwater for competition or for enjoying the underwater world with complete freedom . You’ll also learn the necessary skills of self-rescue and how to manage potentially dangerous water conditions and adventurous circumstances. Free Diving is physically challenging and may be enjoyed by those in excellent heath who are very comfortable in an aquatic environment.


Specialty Courses

For those already certified as freedivers we also offer several workshops and specialty courses to further complete their training.


Freediving trips

Freediving is a low-impact recreational sport that may be enjoyed by everyone. This program includes an excursion with freediving gear to some amazing underwater Saba sites. Our Guides will introduce and acquaint you to the area, activities and the underwater world. Your Excursion Includes: transportation.

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Bonaire freediving School offers customized Training sessions for anyone interested in improving depths, breath-holds or technique



As part of our services and with the idea of giving our customers the most complete service, we also offer some assistance for accommodations depending on your preferences. We offer accommodation and freedive packages suitable for any budget, from low cost backpacker prices up to luxury accommodation. Visit us at @BonaireFreedivingSchool BONAIRE FREEDIVING SCHOOL     +599 4167672   @Bonairefreediving

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