Guided Silent Hikes and Meditation

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Nature as our guide…

A Meditative hike in the woods and a plunge in to the blue

I lead a silent group hike on one of the breathtaking Saba trails. This unique experience offers you the chance to join with others who want to experience nature fully and deeply, in a meditative format. By choosing to abstain friendly chit-chat and instead explore what it’s like to hike in the woods without speaking, we have a chance to engage our senses more fully – to truly connect with the environment around us – to honestly express yourself to become one with the nature surrounding us, been yourself-
This practice is called Noble Silence, and it’s taken from the tradition of meditation retreats, during which participants voluntarily remain silent so they can direct their attention to their inner experience.
After a brief orientation, the first Phase of the hike will be silent. When we reach our destination point, we will stop and do a stretching session fallowed a guided meditation designed to open your senses and sharpen your awareness of the many life forms around you in the forest. After that we will be ready for an hour of CNF freediving (Constant No Fins only mask) . During the return walk, you can either maintain Noble Silence or talk quietly – your choice.
Most of the hikes start at 8 am from our location in Windwarside and as standard are run in groups no bigger than 6. If you have more people then please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Guided meditation
  • Breathtaking views
  • The idea is to not speak at all on this hike and just immerse yourself into the area around you
  • The point is to guide you to feel yourself relaxing and letting go of all your perceived stress as you commune with the calm and peaceful energy of the environment around you, in silence.
  • We aim not get excited, angry or impatient., walking silently through the trails and listen to the earth breathe.
  • The Stretching and No fins freedive (CNF only when the trail is at ocean side)


The trails taken will depend on if you want it to be combined with freediving, how long the trail is and your hiking skill level.


Base price: $120 USD (1-2 people) Per person cost: $55USD (starting 3rd person) depending on . The Freedive & Hike combo is $200 Base price (1-2 people) Per person cost: $75USD (starting 3rd person)



Above & Beyond

Hiking on Saba is a rewarding experience, nature above the waterline is as unique and varied as that which lies below… Let’s take a walk down the slopes of Mt. Scenery and see what you can expect to find!

The island’s vegetation varies with distinctive zones which are related to altitude and precipitation. The top of Mt. Scenery is more often than not enshrouded by clouds resulting in a cloud-forest environment. At slightly lower elevations rain-forest vegetation is present. Humidity decreases as one descends and the vegetation reflects the drier climate. Plants and trees found close to shore have adapted to the salty environment.
Saba's Vegetation
The Summit of Mt. Scenery
Mt. Scenery is the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom (877m or 2877ft) and is Saba’s dominant feature. Dense vegetation with a variety of species cover the summit and upper slopes. The Elfin Forest (cloud-forest) dominates the upper 50m (150ft) of the mountain and is comprised of Mountain Mahogany covered with Epiphytes, Orchids and a myriad of other unique and rare plants.

Lower slopes
Just below the summit, Mountain Palms, Tree Ferns, Elephant Ears and Heliconias dominate.
Secondary rainforest and dry evergreen forest are found lower down on the slopes. Species in this zone include Redwood, Sea Grape, White Cedar and Turpentine trees as well as Cacti species such as the Prickly pear. Closer to the sea, grassy meadows with scattered shrubs predominate. Steep cliffs and bluffs can be seen throughout the island with several sheer walls rising over 100m (330ft). Due to its rugged terrain, Saba does not have typical Caribbean beaches but there are several sandy bays that change with the prevailing ocean swells.

One of the shorter hikes in Saba is the walk, partially climb, to the Tide Pools at Flatpoint. It’s one of the few hikes that doesn’t take you through one of the different types of forest on the island, this area is at the coast of the island.

The tide pools are small enclosures between cliffs and rocks which are filled with seawater and are the end product of an ancient lava flow. As the water is completely clear you get a spectacular view of the marine life including; different types of sea urchins, little colorful fish and sea flora. You also have dramatic views of the Caribbean Sea and the northeast side of the island. At certain times there is a rip current warning, due to the fact that the incoming waves can be very dangerous. Check with the trail shop as to the conditions!


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