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Freediving Education 

Bonaire Freediving School Rescue course is suitable for everyone, regardless of being a certified freediver or not. Consists of 1 theory lesson, 1 visit at the pool and 1 visit to the ocean. This workshop is only considered with the subjects of safety. The school concerns itself with rescue techniques for static and dynamic apnea and response to dangerous situations that can arise while at sea, as well as practice of CPR

  • Certification: Bonaire Freediving School Certificate (verification of Training)
  • Duration: 1 day
  • About: Knowledge development, Open Water Sessions, Rescue drills
  • Price: $180


For Freediving Education and Training call :WhatsApp +599 4167672 Bonaire Freediving School @bonairefreediving – Instagram @bonairefreediving


For all freediving courses, please download and review the AIDA medical statement & Liability release forms, if you say YES to any questions you need to get doctors approval to take part in the course. If you have any questions send us an email to

AIDA International liability release form

AIDA International medical statement

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